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Re: NJ-Employer's comments

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Why talk to someone who is clearly personality-challenged? That would be your son spinning his wheels, and further exposing himself to this nit-wit’s chastising. There’s a brick wall at the end of that road.

Have your son contact HR with this little basket of goodies:

Every employee has the right and reasonable expectation that they will not be harrassed on their worksite. Violation of those rights would point any clear-minded person toward taking legal action against those persons or companies involved in such violations. Your son, in addition, has a disability that is considered valid under the Americans with Disabilities Act which allows him certain extra, reasonable accomodations and protections that, if ignored, would be of grave consequence to the company that employs him. These rights are pertinent regarding any disclosed OR PERCEIVED disability. Clearly, your son’s supervisor perceived a disability, and instead of taking an attitude of accomodating that, he took on a stance of animosity. If the poor decisions and brash actions of this company’s one supervisor toward a disabled worker were to reach the media and become a blight upon said company, why…..

that would be most unfortunate, wouldn’t it?