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He’s in NJ, so covered under the Americans with Disabilities Act. His physician needs to help him get a “504” designation (see http://www.hhs.gov/ocr/civilrights/resources/factsheets/504.pdf). This will protect him, in the event he is discriminated against in the workplace, or eventually disciplined or fired.

That being said, if this place does not have an HR dept., or is owned by a family, this can be difficult. It sounds like it’s pretty big, though, and if it is, make sure your son’s 504 is on file with them. He will have to be proactive about this, which can be very hard for a 20 year old, who sounds like he may be embarrassed. The boss’s reaction did not help at all.

Still, get that designation on file. Without it, he has no protection. I’ve seen this happen in our school district with children. The school absolutely refuses help to some kids without the designation. I can imagine this asshat of a boss might do the same.

I’ve been subjected to “bully bosses” like this. It totally sucks. Unfortunately, even with the ADA protection, some people are just going to be asses to you. No-one should have to put up with abuse. However, yelling at an employee in front of customers, even though completely tasteless and bad business, is not illegal. He may actually have to quit. If the abuse continues, please help and encourage your son to quit and find work elsewhere.

I have a feeling that this guy, if two other managers told him to calm down, is on a short leash, himself. Still, get the designation, so he’s protected at least from being fired.