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Others will give you advice. All I can say is this: While ADD is not difficult to explain, it is EXTREMELY difficult for people to understand. (We’ve had this conversation before on the forum.) Most people simply cannot wrap their heads around the idea that motivation, organization, emotions, and behavior cannot always be regulated with willpower. It just doesn’t compute. MOREOVER… conceding that premise would be tantamount to a grenade exploding in that place where their deepest religious/philosophical notions reside.

So, where does that leave us? For my part, I have come to understand that 1) I’m not going to change many people’s minds and 2) most people really don’t want to hear me talk about ADD. They’re either disinterested or annoyed. As a consequence, I try to keep my mouth shut—except here, where at least some people are on my page.

Good luck.

P.S. I don’t think ADD excuses us from life’s responsibilities. Like everybody else, we have to take ownership of all we do and say. What PERHAPS it does do is relieve us of some of the burden of moral culpability. Unfortunately, most employers are not interested in moral culpability, or the lack thereof; they’re interested in providing a good product and excellent customer service. Lots of ADDers sit on the employment sidelines not because they don’t try, not because they don’t want to be model employees, but because they just can’t deliver what employers justifiably demand.