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I don’t have many friends either. But I’m very tight with my family, so I wouldn’t say that relationships are a challenge for me.

Momma always said that the best way to have a friend is to be a friend. Okay, but let’s remember that a small percentage of the people you make an effort to befriend are going to appreciate it and reciprocate. Also remember that it may be difficult for us to really show an interest and stay with something like building a friendship. We get bored with people if they can’t keep up. They don’t understand our inattentiveness if they catch us at a bad time.

My friends from school turned out to only be my friends because we were thrown together and HAD to get along. Once we got out, we easily went our separate ways and didn’t even miss each other.

Keep your eyes OPEN. What I’ve learned this year (after 45 years of failure) is that the people capable of being really good friends to us do not come in the kind of packaging we expect. Get to know some weird people.