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I was just wondering if anyone was interested in setting up a facebook group or something for members of this forum that are looking to make new friends? I really feel for everyone that is struggling with this and I know it’s something that I have trouble with as well. Mostly for all the reasons listed about! Too afraid of what everyone is thinking/saying about me, needing to cover up the way I am in order to be accepted, really enjoying getting to know people but then nothing.

As a SAHM of two small kids, I rely on facebook for most of my adult interactions. I know that several here were mentioning people being too absorbed in their networking sites and whatnot but what if those same sites could be used for good?

@eimat I am in Ottawa as well, and am married, sahm with 2 kids and a cat lol. I have had a bad experience with the meetup groups in the past and so it scares me a little to join a new group there. I’m never sure what the expectations are and I am quite shy the first time I meet people (at least until i can get a feel for them!) If you’d like to get in touch with me privately, maybe we could talk? If I can help at all i’d love to! my email is circetayATgmail.com