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Patte Rosebank
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I think that a lot of the problems with finding and keeping friends, have to do with the fact that most people today are so caught up in their “toys” (cellphones, texting, Crackberry, Twitter, Facebook, e-mail…) that they’ve lost the ability to interact in person. It’s much easier for them to type in a quick message, then go and do something else, than it is for them to get themselves and their kids ready, get into the car, and go and meet up with their “friends”. And then, instead of just typing/texting a quick message and going on to do something else, they actually need to communicate “in the moment” with the other people. They need to pay attention for a while, and instantly give a thoughtful reply. And that’s way too much effort for them. Far better for them to just send a Tweet, and go back to their video games, cellphones, etc.