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go to http://www.meetup.com. type in something you’re interested in… sewing, climbing, coffee, movies, whatever…

and hopefully there is a meetup group in your area. i have found this site to be the best place to find people with a common interest.

they are all over the world. and they even have meetup groups for playdates with kids. for stay at home moms, working moms, crafty moms… you name it. and best of all… it’s FREE!!! with the small amount that actually charge for dues or playdate events. i think this is a way to start, b/c at least you have a common interest with the folks that you are meeting with. right there is the ice breaker solved. and then there is the fact that you can be choosey. you don’t HAVE to stick to one group (perfect for us ADDers). go check it out!

personally i don’t have your problem (not that i’m trying to depress you); my problem is that i’m constantly meeting new people and then that’s all i want to do, is be interested in them (then there’s the ever so annoying “uhm , i just don’t have the evergy to be your friend” comment i occasionally get, ouch!). those that i truly do care to continue the friendship just happen to stick around and we become really good friends. there have been many times, where i’ve made an acquaintance with a mom or a person, that i thought i’d really like being around and then it turned out that either i or them had a problem with each other’s personality, so we kind of just stopped communicating or making an effort to see each other. funny thing is, that when that happens, i’m all about not taking it personally, b/c i know i’m not perfect and not EVERYONE is going to like me. :D

good luck! let me know if you find something.