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Re: Not able to make out lyrics in a song?

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TV is really bad that way anyway. The little built-in speakers are second class at best – they want you to be wowed with picture quality and spend very little on sound fidelity. Basically, TV speakers and TV sound stinks at best.

I found that it’s a lot easier to understand some TV shows by running the TV outputs through my tuner/amp and some decent speakers (small, but potent)

I plan on putting 2 more speakers in the room – behind me. More speakers, more amps, better output, easier to understand.

Ever listen to your favorite song on the radio, then hear it through a high-quality stereo cranking some serious amps? It’s not the VOLUME, or loudness that helps, it’s that with the power of the amplifier, all the sound gets brought out, making it less muddy. The highs aren’t clipped, the lows are reproduced, and it’s a lot better.

I was amazed when I got into car stereo contests how suddenly I could hear instruments I never knew were in a song, and finally understood some of the lyrics – all because I was cranking it out through 10 speakers and 2 amplifiers. So crisp and clear! Even at LOWer volume.

Of course, I could not resist, and have hammered my hearing so now have hearing loss to boot (besides having to keep some tools in the glovebox to put mirrors and other inside trim back in place now and then)

Try getting a good quality amp and speakers to run that TV through – I bet it helps.