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Re: Not loving it, looking for suggestions.

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freakchik.ar – you’ve landed at the right place. There are several regulars here that can probably come up with some good advice. I am not a good one for the issue you are having. Actually, I may not be good for any issue. But keep checking back . . and keep chattering away with you fingers here. We like having new members . . and anything (pretty much) goes. We have learned not to get our feelings hurt by the eventual foot-in-the-mouth posts that we all make so don’t worry too much about what you post and don’t take personally stupid things we occasionally come out with . . . it really is a nice group here and we are glad to have you.

That being said, I would suggest that you keep good notes on how you are affected by your meds. How they work for you, how long, and side effects you have. Also get you husband or a good friend to make notes, or at least review the ones you make. Their assessments may concur, or be completely different. It is good to have an “outside of your head” second opinion. Apparently we don’t always see ourselves as others do. (Can’t imagine why, we’re always right aren’t we?) Anyway, the notes will be useful in comparing how the different meds are working for you as well as helping you remember when you have your appointments.