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Re: Not loving it, looking for suggestions.

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Thanks! Yeah, I hope I landed in the right spot! It’s about darn time something goes right! And I don’t think you’re a loser Allan! (Hug back) It’s been rough, and like I said, I’ve worked my tail off trying to get my life in order, Ha! Joke, because order really doesn’t enter into my vocabulary! I’ve always embraced the side of myself that thinks differently than everyone else in the world, and so far it’s worked out pretty well for me, I tend to bend the things in my life to my will, so they have no choice but to work! Do I sound like Attila the Hun yet?! I tend to feel that way, and I guess I can come across like that as well to others, that’s what they tell me anyway! But if I can’t find a way, I look for a different approach.

I do have a notebook, differently colored from my TO DO, Calender, Business, Home Life, & Ideas notebooks (I’m a list maker) that I write in each day about side effects, and input from family. It took me about 2 hours after my first dose of Adderall to decide that I couldn’t remember all the layers of hell I was experiencing! I also make sure that I ask everyone who I’ve spent significant time with to let me know how they’re feeling before going in for appts. Great ideas for anyone though, so thanks for suggesting! So now you are aware of how crazy I am, no one else in the world sees this part of me. I’m good at hiding it.

I heard about this site from a friend, and figured since I’ve been told oh so very many times how imperfect I am that I would reach out and apply a few more awe inspiring brains to my dilemma and see if we ADDer’s can’t just change a few things in my little area of the universe, before we take over the world! That is as long as we don’t see anything shiny along the way! ;)