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YES I SURE DID!!! I was in grade 4 when I was diagnosed and first medicated… and even at that young age I can still remember the change I felt. My life didn’t seem so foggy anymore… I felt like for once I could breath!

I do love that you acknowledge though that meds don’t make everything all better. They aren’t meant to fix everything all up. They are meant to help bring you to a place where you brain can be stimulated so you can focus on the life in front of you. I am a very strong believer that meds and counselling go hand in hand. they need each other. One helps you to be in a place where you can receive the info… and the other teaches you how to use the tools to deal with life.

I also loved that you feel that you are still you on the meds. I try to point that out to people who are against the meds, feeling that they change who you are. I am still me good and bad… but at least now I can focus on the tasks in front of me and enjoy my life more… and not feel so lost and frustrated.

I know how liberating it was for me when I was properly diagnosed… so I can’t imagine how you must have felt after years of drug testing for so many other things. Im so glad that you feel like a light bulb went off when you were diagnosed. That is a perfect description because it fits my diagnosis so well too!

nick7575 I am so glad that a balance of exercise and counselling work for you! That is so awesome! I love reading about peoples success with their ADHD. It can be so hard when you live in a world where everything is just too over whelming.

Hey nellie… if that fairy god-mother every shows up…. PLEASE let me know! I would love for her to come to my house too! hahaha. Yes meds aren’t exactly a quick fix for sure… but they are a step towards being able to figure out your ADHD brain. I hate drug testing for sure! Ugh I hate it! But I will admit that when you find just the right dosage… it feels so good.