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Re: Not soo new anymore…not so exciting…

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I wanted to post this as a new thread, but I think this is exactly the place to put it:

I have been on Ritalin for almost a year now. The difference has been tremendous. And even though I was aware of the next step, being the breakdown of old habits and the creation of new ones, I haven’t commited myself to that process.

So now, after almost a year, I’m beginning to notice some of my old habits getting in the way again. Only this time, I notice them! (So the meds work! Yes, I started to doubt them again)

I get the feeling that this is happening because the perception of the dramatic difference – which was overwhelming, right from the beginning of starting medication – is now beginning to fade. The meds still do their job, but I start to mess up more often again. If I notice and commit myself to pay attention, things will run smoothly. But if I let myself slip away, I can still lose myself and lose contact with the outside world.

I’m beginning to believe that, if the time is right, the next phase will present itself. So all I have to do is pay attention. Isn’t that ironic?