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Re: notgettinwat I need to help my ADHD

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I understand the benifits of theropy and of support groups. I do have some isues that are non adhd related that I could see one for but i can confidently say that positive feedback from my family, friends, and co-workers. I’d say mainly I need this support from my family and from my friends. They seem to be the ones that dont understand more than anyone, at work no one treats me different although i still feel a bit under apreciated but thats going to be with anyone at any job so no argument there. Its the constant attacks, and the critiziing of everything I do. It makes me feel like i’m under the microscpe, but at the same time its a telescope because people have at the same time become distant. The distance doesnt help due to abandonment issues which reinforces the feelings that I have that i’m doing something wrong. Yes it is complicated but its not like I dont knowwhats going on in my own head. I dont feel like I need someone else to point these things out or to get me talking. I dont mind talking to a theropist or whatever but i’d just like it for those who “love” me to be more accepting and to just listen without being an “expert” because they think they know someone else with adhd. We are all individual special cases with similarities is what i’ve tried to convey which doesnt seem to sink in with them. I’ve brought home articles printed from adhd sites, i’ve tried to get them to watch the documentry. I guess i have time to think about it…