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Nice to have that light turn on, eh! Happened for me almost a week ago too. I’ll be candid and give you my age (41) and I’m going to get in and see my Dr asap. I’ve been fighting to either make my marriage work or destroy it for the last 13 years, dealing with insomnia, depression, anxiety………it’s the typical list for middle age syndrome, or SADD, or not enough exercise, so the Family Dr sent me to see a psychologist who diagnosed depression, prescribed Prozac which I took until I was fed up with getting fat and having no libido. Went dry for a year and kids came along, then winter, then a bunch of different meds for depression that had all sorts of side effects some even helped the depression. That lasted a couple years, then Wellbutrin and it’s issues, and back to SSRI then on to Ciprelax. AHHHH. The Ciprelax has helped my mood, I’m more consistent if I give myself lot os reminders. But the forgetfulness, inability to enjoy quiet time, time sitting and talking with others, and all these other issues are still there which add up to periods when I can’t contain the frustration, or focus on jobs I need to get done, or simply spending time playing a game with the kids. All of these issues are side effects of the larger issue AD/HD. By getting in and seeing the Dr we (the Dr and I) can determine if changes in life style and cognitive behaviour work and coaching would be enough to manage the symptoms or if a more direct approach, using medication would be better. The happiness that I am sort of able to enjoy taking Ciprelax come at a price. Sure I feel more happy and in control of my emotional state, but I’ve got ZERO libido on top of all that other stuff that it doesn’t help me with. In this case I need to make a change regardless of any other issues, knowing that there might be a better path to a happier life makes it worth the journey. At least for me it’s better than just coping with how frustrating it is to be so confused about why I am who I am and the isolation that has created.