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Your not alone. I went to see a therapist when my mother became ill with heart issues. I was trying to get my life in order and me and my sister were doing the bulk of the caregiving. It was actually when I sought help for dealing with my mother that the therapists diagnosed me with AD/HD. I had always suspected it though.

My whole family is adopted although my older siblings all came from the same family. My older siblings were adopted because their birth mother had died and they were still young. Our father who adopted us then died when I was too young to remember him. And I found out a couple of years ago by birth father died several years ago. So I never had the chance to meet him. So I’ve had a lot of death and loss at a young age.

There are times I wonder if my overwhelming feelings of losing people close to me stems from that. I think to a good extent it does. But over my life I have always felt separation and loss more deeply than others seem to. I think in retrospect AD/HD may have a part in it. I really can feel emotions intensely. Both good and bad. It sometimes can be overwhelming and I have to remember to slow down and breathe.

It’s a really hard part of life to watch your parents or parent in my case get older or become ill. It brings up a lot of emotions and for me feelings of loss and that I really have no control over somethings. But I remember all the good things and that those memories are something that can never be taken away from me. And I’ll be o.k.

I wish I had some profound advice. I talked about my fears with my therapist. I have close friends who also have aging parents so that helps. They know what I was going through when my mother was ill. She’s ok now but I have to face she is elderly and won’t be here forever.

Hope this at least helps knowing that your not alone in feeling this way.