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Well said, Fearwidg.

And here I thought I going to be the “senior spokesperson” at 56 years of age, but I will gladly relinquish that title….

I was just diagnosed about six months ago at the age of 56. And that quickly brought into focus the reason why my life seemed so out of control, so chaotic. I was essentially living a lie and fighting an unknown enemy.

I, too, am very glad that Rick, Patrick and Dr. Jain have brought this into public awareness, When I first saw the documentary, I thought it was a documentary all about me! And to have a website exclusively for adults with ADD. I have encountered so many people who believed it was only a “childhood thing” and viewed my disability with skepticism. Until I set the record straight for them.

But, above all else, I wish Rick, Patrick and the Dr., the best for this website, and the best for all of us here, too.