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well I dont have much time to type so I have to make the words count. Its been a hell of a week, today is my last day with the dogs. Diana comes back tomorow at 5 a.m. I affraid of whats going to happen when she comes home. i’ve had it set in my mind that thing are going to change, and that i’m not going to be in the picture anymore. I want us to remain friends as i’m sure we’ll do. She is suprisingly mature for her age (20.75) I hope that some day i can find that special someone for me. I guess thats whats so hard for me right now. Its so difficult for me to meet anyone, and when i finaly do they are only in my life for a short amount of time. We never have anything in comman and its typically me following them around. With Diana its different, we have tons of stuff in comman and she follows me around as much as I do with her. I guess she truely is my best friend.

Last night I was bummed and didnt engage in heavy texting, i appologized and said i was bummed, she wrote back “dont be bummed,i love ya”. the only thing i could think to respond with was “i’d say it back but it never comes out right”.

This morning, i skipped my shower and breakfast so I could spend more time with the guys, even right now since I have to vent, I have one of them by my side laying his head in my lap. I love these dogs, and have been crying like a baby all morning. I’m sure my eyes will look great when I get into work today.

My last day with the dogs. What a great 9 days its been. :( im so bummed……….