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OK you said and shared a lot. I can only imagine what must be going (racing) thru your mind. Strong suggestion… Take that breathe .If u made plans for tonight KEEP them. I think you are right and you should let her unwind from the trip. She will be there tomorrow…For sure… and when she is refreshed then it might be a great idea to take the pups for a walk together and chat about what is on both of your minds. Communicate with her and let her speak her mind as well. Keep your ears and heart open be honest and let her be also. Take it from one that has made many of mistakes mainly for rushing and not looking at the whole picture. DUHHH I would hate anyone to make the same rash mistakes based upon emotions only of the heart instead of including the brain also. (Although my brain was so hard wired it really would not been much help any way). I wish you Luck but remember even though you may not think so tomorrow is another day and it will come and if it is meant to be you will share it with a special friend and if not tomorrow there is also a day after that as well (there is i checked the calendar). Best of luck ……..