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What a sweet message! I agree—the “den fathers” around here, Rick, Dr. J and Patrick, have basically given us all something solid on which to pin our shakey faith in ourselves. It’s like a pillar of validation. (I just made that up. Pillar of Validation. What the heck is that?) Not only do you *not* find people putting others down here —which I think is at least partly because we’re all hypersensitive ourselves— but we can be ourselves knowing whoever is reading what we contribute “gets” us, and that is something we can’t assume in our day-to-day lives. It’s a relief. (A Tree of Relief…)

You’ll find lots of threads in the forum about “decision paralysis,” the overwhelm factor, and what works for different people to overcome those. And I hear you about the cost worries. Do try not to tackle this whole ball of wax at once though. Enjoy all those epiphanies about your life and looking back, try not to stay awake for hours on the ones that hit you at 1 am, and take things one step at a time (choosing the next step at random if you have to:). Don’t forget to pat yourself on the back for making it this far while having ADD and not knowing it.