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    I didn’t find an “introductions” or a “hello” section, that sort of thing. So this might be out of place.

    I’d like to start by saying an open and HUGE thank you to Rick, Patrick, (and of course all the folks who worked on the film ADD and Loving It.)

    Bless you all. What guts and what caring to openly and honestly share your lives. I’ve always enjoyed your work, now I’ll view it with even more respect and appreciation. I mean, anyone who can play Harold Green, or the zany Bill have to be brilliant and fun to begin with)

    And more – to all the folks who are members here who seem to, even though it’s often against our nature, make folks feel welcome and wanted and not alone.

    Anyway, thank’s to the stars, and thanks to the other stars who seem to make everyone so wlecome here.

    I must admit – I’m still scared, and am having some difficulty admitting that it’s not “just me” and that there is a “cause”. Maybe I’m scared of having to support my views and findings. That folks will think I’m making it up, or trying to find an excuse.

    I’m just trying to find an explanation – and get some sanity back in my life (well, there never was anyway, so that experience maybe scares me too! What’s normal? What’s “better” and will I like it or feel uncomfortable?)

    So I”m having mixed feelings – up and down. It’s a whole lot safer just to carry on like I’ve done for over 50 years – hoping I don’t offend too many folks, tick off folks, or drive ’em away by my constant chatter or always needing to show I know the answer. I’m not always very diplomatic – but then there’s only 20 or 30 years to go, right?

    And the money! Doctors cost money, drugs cost money – I’m on daily stuff for menieres now, and sometimes have to take relaxers for Raynauds (my capilaries shut down in cold weather, making my hands tingle and sometimes turn blue, and hurt – even in only 30 degree weather). I take a pill for the Menieres due to dizzy spells – it’s a “diuretic” (spelling stinks!!) I’m going to PT twice a week for my bicep tendon repair, that costs money.

    In sets the confusion and indecision – I constantly hear “you can’t make up your mind and make a decision on anything, can you”

    Right – that’s why two of my cars sit unfinished – can’t decide what to do next or first, or which new parts to order.


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    Yesss! Thank you to all for making an impact. What a great idea and then following through with it.


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    What a sweet message! I agree—the “den fathers” around here, Rick, Dr. J and Patrick, have basically given us all something solid on which to pin our shakey faith in ourselves. It’s like a pillar of validation. (I just made that up. Pillar of Validation. What the heck is that?) Not only do you *not* find people putting others down here —which I think is at least partly because we’re all hypersensitive ourselves— but we can be ourselves knowing whoever is reading what we contribute “gets” us, and that is something we can’t assume in our day-to-day lives. It’s a relief. (A Tree of Relief…)

    You’ll find lots of threads in the forum about “decision paralysis,” the overwhelm factor, and what works for different people to overcome those. And I hear you about the cost worries. Do try not to tackle this whole ball of wax at once though. Enjoy all those epiphanies about your life and looking back, try not to stay awake for hours on the ones that hit you at 1 am, and take things one step at a time (choosing the next step at random if you have to:). Don’t forget to pat yourself on the back for making it this far while having ADD and not knowing it.


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    There are many things I like about this “place”.

    No annoying ads, pop-ups, etc. It’s clean without distractions (gee, maybe that’s by design!)

    The people who started this…….. selfless, caring, wanting to help, sharing – including any doctors who pop in to lend a hand without charge.

    The members……

    It’s pretty easy to use.

    IF there could be suggestions – and this isn’t critical or necessary, just IMO maybe nice?

    a. a place for introductions – those who feel a need to say “Hi, I’m Sue A. Person and I …………..”. and maybe share a bit about themselves. but then maybe that’s the “just found out” section……

    b. some “smilies” – just for fun. I know, they aren’t professional and you’d never use them in a resume, business letter

    c. a way to “subscribe” to certain messages or threads – say “click here if you want an email when someone responds”

    And it’s fine actually of nothing at all changes! I still like it here and like the people. This forum is fast and simple to use. I like fast and simple. If changes would mess up the fast and simple, then no changes! ;-)

    Yeah – I can be abrupt, and a bit abrasive – so if I seem that way, it’s “just me” and there’s nothing intended. It’s purely accidental.

    OTOH, if I AM that way or out of line, I prefer if people tell me to my face! I tell the boss – if I screw up, make a big mistake, or someone doesn’t like something, then march into my office and tell me to my face I was an idiot and I really messed up. I want it plain, clear and quick.

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