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There are many things I like about this “place”.

No annoying ads, pop-ups, etc. It’s clean without distractions (gee, maybe that’s by design!)

The people who started this…….. selfless, caring, wanting to help, sharing – including any doctors who pop in to lend a hand without charge.

The members……

It’s pretty easy to use.

IF there could be suggestions – and this isn’t critical or necessary, just IMO maybe nice?

a. a place for introductions – those who feel a need to say “Hi, I’m Sue A. Person and I …………..”. and maybe share a bit about themselves. but then maybe that’s the “just found out” section……

b. some “smilies” – just for fun. I know, they aren’t professional and you’d never use them in a resume, business letter

c. a way to “subscribe” to certain messages or threads – say “click here if you want an email when someone responds”

And it’s fine actually of nothing at all changes! I still like it here and like the people. This forum is fast and simple to use. I like fast and simple. If changes would mess up the fast and simple, then no changes! ;-)

Yeah – I can be abrupt, and a bit abrasive – so if I seem that way, it’s “just me” and there’s nothing intended. It’s purely accidental.

OTOH, if I AM that way or out of line, I prefer if people tell me to my face! I tell the boss – if I screw up, make a big mistake, or someone doesn’t like something, then march into my office and tell me to my face I was an idiot and I really messed up. I want it plain, clear and quick.