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Cheaper whiteboards: GLASSboards!!!

All you need is a framed picture behind glass.

Make sure it’s glass, plastic won’t work.

Either take out the picture, turn it around, and put it back in

(so the blank back of the picture is against the glass)

OR put white or colored paper between the picture and glass.

If necessary, tape a few pieces of paper together or ask a

printshop to sell you a large piece.

Seems like everyone has at least one framed picture they

don’t like that got shoved in the back of a closet or put in

the attic. Ask around, put the word out. Offer something in

trade – I’ve gotten all kinds of things in exchange for a home

cooked meal (nothing fancy, people really appreciate the

effort and the company more than the food.**)

**Thank goodness, because my cooking’s a bit spotty.

But seems like hardly anyone cooks at home anymore

so even the simply foods are more than welcome. Ask

nice and chances are good they’ll help clean up after.

I’ve gotten some with really nice frames. Paint them all the

same color and it actually looks like a planned collection.