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Re: organizers/calanders efficiency questions

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I am fairly new to this site, and have spent several frustrating years trying to find ways to stay organized and on task. The most recent things I have done was to make a daily schedule using excel and also use a smart phone with evernote ( an web based note taking app), and also have several 8 x 10 sheets that are like a blackboard stuck up on the wall in the kitchen to write down reminders and such. So far the biggest helpers are using a daily schedule and evernote. I have the schedule split into blocks of time in which I have certain tasks to do, such as getting the kids ready for school, planning daily activities, chores and errands, etc. It has helped to keep me on track and not lose track of time, and get things done in a timely manner with less procrastination. In my job, structure and routine is very important and I thrive in that kind of environment, so I am introducing more structure and routine into home as well, which has been helpful.