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Re: organizers/calanders efficiency questions

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Hi Shadow…. I suffer the same problem… I’ve created boxes filled with information and now I want to work on a system. I think you’re looking for something, like me, that doesn’t have exorbitant fees attached. I have a good friend who also recommended a ITouch, but you have to have a net connection. The phone used successfully as a phone, the ITouch with all your information and added apps. It’s also a great reference if you need to make a call and check a number at the same time. You can import/export all your information to your computer too as a back up. With WiFi connections you can read your Itouch without the added monthly cost that an Iphone attach.

You are only posting to the Itouch, as a backup to the computer. So carrying around you have your Itouch and phone, both small. You can access the internet from the Itouch.

I hear lots about the Blackberry, but I don’t need the huge monthly costs, but I also don’t want to go backwards technology wise and I sure can use the help with paper organization. I’m so tired of the piles of unorganized papers. Once organized.. I’m really over organized if I have a process in place and I love that!!! So good luck and would love to hear what you come up with!!!