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Re: “Outed” without my consent

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If you write a letter, maybe propose the changes as benefits to your strengths as a worker, and don’t mention the ADD unless they specifically ask. Then if they ask, you can at least get a feel for what they know. That way you sound more proactive about your work environment, and less needy in regards to your possibly perceived disability.

I say “possibly perceived,” because really, if this gal lies, they may know nothing, or if they do, they may not believe her. Everybody has blips in their performance. If it’s a real problem, they’d have come straight to you. Don’t sweat it, for now. Plus, again, she could be lying about the whole thing.

I’ve worked with people like that before. She is not happy where she’s at. She’s crashing and burning, because she’s been trying to get out, and throwing everyone under the bus to do it. Good bosses, heck even the crappy bosses I had, know when this is going on. It shouldn’t be too long before she does something that gets her in a position where she has to quit or be fired. Just don’t get caught up in it with her. Let this be about her, right now, not you, and not your ADD.