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Re: “Outed” without my consent

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Thanks for the feedback!

I am holding off on any action at all for now. Treading very carefully so as not to get inadvertently caught up in the stupidity. I can’t believe the things I’m starting to see now that I’ve opened my eyes a bit though! Why can’t people just be happy without needing to make everyone else miserable? Or be successful without making everyone else fail?

I come from the glass half full school and it is very disturbing to see someone trying to dip their straw into my drink! But, I plan to just keep refilling the glass, no matter what. Today I finished work and went on a photography adventure in my neighbourhood. It’s my way of transforming the bad energy into something beautiful!

It still makes me slightly nauseous that I trusted someone too quickly and have been betrayed as a result. I know it’s not my fault, but unfortunately the consequences are mine, and I’m not sure that I’ve seen the last of them yet.

And Geoduck – thanks for that perspective. You’re right. Given the patterns I’m seeing, who knows what was actually said. This is me, trying not to sweat it! ;-)