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Re: Pacing

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Hi richzilla_blue!

My job is working on my feet..sometimes over 10 hours a day..the busier I am physically, the better I feel.

Movement relaxes me, whereas if I have to sit…that’s when the agitation hits and builds to anger..unless I am reading a book.

I take books with me wherever I go as well as my phone (for texting) in case I have to sit and don’t want to go crazy! (Things to do..)

Physical movement to me is what yoga is like to other people, I guess. It puts me in the zone and I can concentrate better.

I explain it to other people so they can understand is that whatever they find relaxing, I find the opposite.

Sitting still in a chair is what they used to do to us in school to punish us and for good reason!

Hey, remember when you just couldn’t wait to go outside and run around????

Movement is relaxing! It’s also good for you.

We are energetic!

Full of jumping beans, as my mother used to put it!