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This pacing that so many of us do, myself included, is, I believe, a coping mechanism. The more pointless the pacing the sharper my intellect becomes. I think that as we grow older we naturally begin to reign in the more aggressive aspects of our wily brains and pacing seems to be the go to answer for so many of us. Until reading this post I hadn’t really thought much about it; it was just what I did to pass the time while on the phone with long winded friends and relatives. But, upon further analysis, it seems like my favorite things in the world revolve around this practice. My ultimate passion is Music, more specifically the guitar. Noodling around on my axe now seems more for self preservation than just practice and play time. It may sound prettier than feet thudding against the floor boards but in essence it is the same. My Long Boarding (like surfing or snowboarding on pavement with a “long board”) is also more relaxing than sitting in a hammock with a glass of lemonade. I can be found racing through city streets and carving down steep hills for hours upon hours after a long day at work. Maybe that is why so many ADDers are some of the trimmest people I know :) Pacing…….you complete me