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Re: PLEASE tell me how do you deal with it???

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Thanks for the advice you have given me. Much of it sounds very helpful.

Thankfully my job doesn’t include paperwork. Unfortunately, my job is Carpentry.

That means that i work with a whole bunch of dangerous equipment and

many times work at very high projects. I have accumulated too many injuries

through the years. Some from my fault, some from others. I also work many of

my jobs . This can be a blessing and a curse.

My major issue is not being able to stay on track. I am always thinking about

everything EXCEPT the job at hand.

The home life is the only place I feel comfortable. My wife and kids have done

an amazing job at helping me in all areas.

Just today, i was telling my wife about this site and all of a sudden I realized

that I was talking about what I was going to plant in the garden next year.

My wife, bless her heart, was just smiling and and waiting for me to figure

out what I was doing. She says that I handle it better if I figure it out on my own.

Plus, I think she enjoys watching me end up a million miles away from where

I started. She is genius level IQ and yet she finds it very interesting to watch

me have so many cognative thoughts in such a short amount of time.

And, yes, I have lists that I make or she does. This is very helpful but only

when i can find the list, or at least remember that I have one.

Again, thank you.

PS It took me 25 minutes to right this response because the reflection

on the computer screen is so distracting. LOL