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Re: PLEASE tell me how do you deal with it???

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Lists… Get your wife to make 2 lists. Put each somewhere you go often. Fridge and on the TV for example.

And our though process can be fun at times.. well most times lets face it.

Just today I was going to tell a co worker about recent news that Physicists did something really cool with Quantum Manipulation. I started the conversation with, “You know how in Star Trek they said that people or objects from different dimensions had a different Quantum “signature” or frequencies? ” We then started Trek talk back and forth, then I got around to telling him how they were able to change the rate of spin of a quantum particle by 25 times to the point it acted “as if it was completely decoupled from the outside world”.

Well! That was one of the hardest ideas to put across cause it was very cool.. I brought Star Trek into it (attention killer for me right there), the idea was challenging and there was a really cute chick standing there looking at us like “where does this come from”? LOL

How do we deal with it? One day at a time. I have a nice day planner that has a pen holder in it. Always leave the pen in it. Take the planner with you if you want to borrow it’s pen ! Lesson learned there.

Make it special. Have a note pad in the back of it for doodling or throwing random ideas on.. The planner was one of the best moves I’ve made yet. A great place for your wife and kids to put reminders and encouraging notes. Get one. try it.

After that there is other things to do but ask for those after you get the planner. One day, one thing, one step at a time. Just keep looking forward. You can’t change the past so don’t spend too much energy on it.