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Re: PLEASE tell me how do you deal with it???

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tmcmurray and Shane – it is such a treat to come in here and read your stories. Mostly because it resonates with what I go through as well. Recognition is *always* interesting, isn’t it?

I laughed when you mentioned how the glare from the monitor was distracting. I’m beginning to recognize elements of that kind of distraction as well. I mean, the distractions were always there – I’m just now figuring out that they’re not exactly, um, well, *normal* I suppose. Or maybe a better way to put it, is that it’s not “usual” for most people.

Like yesterday, when I finally got it confirmed by my psychiatrist that “yes, wolfshades – you do indeed have ADHD”. Not surprised, really. Just relieved. Even grateful. But you know what? The first thing I did when we sat down was mention that he had a great view outside of his window. Totally distracted. (And besides I was making a joke – his window looks out onto a brick wall). He grunted. I grinned. Then he brought me back on track.

tym – I’m kind of amazed that you’re doing such hazardous work and you’ve put up with the lack of focus for so long. I mean, I have that same loss of focus too, and I’ve done some pretty crazy things as a result. But nothing dangerous. Your daughter is right to check up on you every day.

Like Shane says though: there are all kinds of helper aids for us. I use my iPhone and its calendar religiously. I have to. If I don’t, I’m sunk.