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Re: Problems with relationship, How do ya'll deal with them?

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I was officially diagnosed with ADHD. app 2 yrs ago at age 46 yrs old (young). Been married and divorced twice. Both marriages / relationships lasted about 7+ years. I have been in other relationships some deep others not so much. I wish this site was here 20 years ago…. ok in my case (40 lol). I have learned more from this sight than any other resource. Funny I suspected and new I had the symptoms of ADHD but I unforunately leaned on heavily and relied on my significant others to the point of becoming dependent on them Instead of fixing Nooo learning to work with what I was dealt with in life. My second spouse (Psyche RN) really took advantage of me and really destroyed me as she knew I had issues but used me for the skills I had to her advantage (Yep we had started a business, bought and sold multiple homes and I greatly assisted with the raising of our children and helped her through nursing school)………. SHE then did her famous legal mumbo jumbo on me. YEP she did it to her first spouse too and even told me! (Nope I never sighned the deeds as I thought she took care of everything for ” both of us” as I thought your partner in a marriage would (UGHHH) She then stressed me out on false accusations that of course were never proven took my dignity away and hooked up with a culturaly diverse Surgeon. (I kinda feel sorry for him) I would like to say…..” Lesson learned” but only time will tell……. Truth is exactly that time…………. T E A M W O R K and time……. Do not rush into marriage……… Yes U can fall in love but at the end of every day make sure you are ok with you. If you are not 100% comfortable then remember DO NOT JUMP… There are many good Men and Woman out there even for those like us with ADD………. I have a lot to give… many good things and I would give more of myself to another than most others would. But remember you deserve to get things back. It might be understanding, support, truth, tenderness, smile and gentle touch. Whatever it is remember most of us want a relationship to last a lifetime not just for the quick moment (YIKES!) (Tough for me as I like and thrive on instant gratification and never really plan things out completely!) . PLEASE all of You ADD’rs You come first If you are not in a good place then you risk putting yourself or others around you in the cross hairs of unintentional harm or failure. It seems to be a constant theme amongst us ADDr’s. Please find a support team. Be honest to yourself and those in that group. BREATHE… NO it is not easy ……. But for you and those that you love around you I hope you accept the diagnosis of ADD wrap your arms around it embrace it for what it is. As far as treatment whether counselling, medication or etc. It is about YOU then I truly believe the “other” beings and/or things in life that are really true to you will come your way.


THANK YOU !!!! “Totally ADD” for this SIte and all it’s contents. It is truly exceptional. I will be a regular visitor and contributor as sharing all that there is to share regarding ADHD can only help the millions that may struggle horribly with this disease for only the lack of communication, information and education regarding “IT”.