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Re: Procrastination!

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One tip I have seen to help fight procrastination is to decide to simply start something. Make the start of it really small, and completely separate it in your mind from the bigger task at hand – like brainstorm ideas for an essay, or pick up all the safety pins from your sewing table and put them in their proper container. If you only accomplish that part of the task, then you have done what you set out to do and can feel good about it. But more often than not, you will end up doing more than you planned to initially, and will feel really good about it.

I often find that I get such a feeling of dread when thinking about a task that I am doomed before I start. I tend to focus on the entire task and get overwhelmed. If I tell myself that I am just going to do a simple task, without even contemplating the bigger picture, then I am more likely to get my backside into gear and DO something instead of thinking it to death and getting stressed.