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Re: Procrastination!

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>>…..it’ll get done one day. My mistake was buying a sledge-hammer! The one good thing is my neighbors think I am crazy so they don’t hassle me anymore.<< 😆

That’s a hoot. Want to be left alone? Buy a big hammer and start a few projects.

krazykat – that last paragraph is SOOOO true! I’m a great person at solving the problems of other people…….. and really do know a lot, just can’t get it out so that others understand. The neur-psych doc person said that in several areas I tested in the superior range. Uh, math, english, and a few others. Hmmmmmm….. what the heck happened there….

At one job, I was so good at seeing the big picture, and planning things for others to do, giving orders, making sense out of chaos, I was put in the role of architect of their corporate antivirus and computer security…….. for over 16,000 computers and 1200 servers and dozens of offices around the world. But my own computer and life – a mess.