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I suggest the naturopathic community. Their solutions are less harsh than the pharmaceutical industry. Is there a naturopathic school, or medical school, nearby you that has a lower cost clinic for the public?

Search on the Internet for what you want — free therapy for ADD OR low-income cost for ADD therapy — use those sorts of phrases — and include your area/city

Also, look for an EMDR (eye movement and desensitization response) practitioner/therapist.

Rewiring my subconscious mind with EMDR has helped me a lot. I keep notes about what I struggle with, read the notes to the therapist, she notices a pattern, and together we devise a new message for my subconscious mind which we use to over-write the old thought. EMDR really works.

Also ask for low income services, or full circle services (get a reduced fee with proof that you have volunteered in some way in the community), or barter for services.