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In grade 7-9 I had the same Social Studies teacher, and every day she put me in a desk in the hallway, ten minutes into class. My French teacher would do the exact same thing in the afternoons. Magically, I passed both courses with exactly 75% grade scores, every semester. So, most likely I failed miserably because I was always ejected from class, learnt nothing, but the teachers felt guilty and handed out the generic marks. That sounds totally ridiculous but it is 100% true. I never new or had even heard of ADHD until I was well into my late teens. Diagnosed at 24. I think even back in the 90’s it was considered BS by most people in the education system. My parents were just left scratching their heads all the time as to why I was so impulsive and disruptive. Whenever I talk about the disorder with my parents, I still get the sense from them that they think it’s all just some lame excuse.