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I was so lucky to have gone to alternative schools. I never would have made it in normal school. I have a very high IQ – don’t mean to brag, got myself tested – but always got those report cards that said ” could do so well if only she applied herself” kind of thing, great ideas but not developed, kept after school almost every day in grade five to re-copy my work because of my handwriting (which is still terrible).

But my high school let us learn in our own way. Attendance was not taken, so I went only about half the time. We went at our own speed, so I rushed through Math 11 & 12 in one year, hoping to never have to do math again. But mainly I was able to get up & walk around. I used to even make coffee on the chemistry stove & bring it to lectures ( I always had food & drink at lectures) Lots of labs and “projects” & because it was that era, we experimented with democratic classrooms & often class would be held outside & creativity was rewarded.