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Re: Quick Concerta users survey!

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Started at 19mg: felt great for 2 weeks then no effects at all

upped to 36mg: 2 days of insomnia at first but no other side effect. Felt like the effects were still not strong enough as I had a slump around 3PM until 7PM. (I take my pill at 7AM)

upped to 56mg: nauseous the first week then I had “apparently” no side effect, but felt really, really sleepy (weird eh?). I also noticed with a look back that I felt really depressed during my 56 mg period.

lowered to 45mg (have to take 2 pills to get to 45mg): Looks like the right dosage. I noticed that if I drink 1-2 coffees, I feel as depressed as with my 56mg dosage. Anybody feels depressed on a higher dose?