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I have a lot of hobbies too. I crave new experiences, even if it is only through reading and learning about new things. I can’t seem to quench my curiosity about everything. When I get excited about something new, I will focus on preparing and assembling or collecting all the necessary tools, items, pieces, parts, and stuff. For instance, I have suddenly become interested in building a cigar box guitar (after seeing one on antiques road show) and have purchased not one but three great cigar boxes, all the electronics, strings, maple for the neck, some new tools, etc. So when will I put it all together and play them? Well……I can’t be certain. I have four guitars, a ukulele and half a dozen harmonicas that I can’t seem to maintain a steady interest in.

I love to read but almost dread coming across something that piques my curiosity because off I’ll go on a new adventure. So, the question is, “what shall I do this weekend? Go mountain biking? hiking? play guitar? build one? work on a new stained glass project? or perhaps I should finish that wood carving? And oh, yeah….those new curtains upstairs….need to hang those (after I finish that polymer clay sculpture I started a couple months back….or well, maybe I should finish writing thank-you notes from Christmas…..sigh)