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I’m guilty of that too. There are several hobbies that I tend to cycle through, but since becoming aware of my ADD, I know why that is happening and am more aware when it happens.

And, of course, there are the half dozen or so uncompleted projects within each of those hobbies. You know the pattern. Big plans, a great start…and no follow through.

I spoke to a therapist once about my many hobbies and interests. His opinion was that it’d good to have alternatives in case there is a setback in one.

As I said, when I do change interests I now tell myself it’s the ADD and it’s OK. I have noticed that once the ADD was under control I am now better able to stay focused on a particular task and enjoy the benefit of actually completing something!

I cannot stress enough how my hobbies have kept me going during some rough patches my life. And, yes, there were times when I was so deep in depression that I lost interest in everything. And in a funny way, the hobbies were one of the reasons I got through all this. They were still there, waiting like old friends. They kept me involved with the world. It was my therapy and a way out.

Hope this helps..and good luck.