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Reading? I have Dyslexia and ADD. That means the words and letters are wiggling and dancing across the page in ways that would make a Hula dancer jealous!

I read slowly. One letter at a time. If I can remember the word that I was forming in my head, I plug that into the sentence I was working on, if I can’t remember the sentence or the word… I start over. Reading for me is a lot of work, and I do it as a last resort. The whole idea of reading for pleasure sounds insane to me.

It takes huge amounts of concentration for me, and a half hour of reading leaves me exhausted.

My “Non-Advise” advise? I don’t worry about how fast I read, I worry about how much I RETAIN

. Retention to me means I don’t have to re-read something over and over again.

To me, it seems like I spend more time doing something, forgetting what I was doing, and doing it again, and again, and again… and again. My challenge is cutting down the rework. It will be great if I can do that.