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There are many ugly questions that one should periodically ask themselves throughout the reading process. By doing so, it helps one synthesize the information. Its all part of the reading process that we teachers have toteach`children to employ while reading. It can turn reading into a chore for many children.

As teachers, many of us are being forced to drill children in a gazillion and one questions to ask and answer while they read- anything from the wrapper on a chocolate bar to a simple picture book.

Unfortunately, it has turned many children into ones who hate to read. Once upon a time, they were allowed to read for enjoyment. Now we`re forced to make them read, analyze, and disect everything they read. No enjoyment allowed. *sigh*

My class now groans when they hear me say that I`m going to read them a story or they are going to read a new story. They are anticipating with dread all the analysis they will have to do.

I know this hasn`t helped you with your question but I had to get it off my chest.