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Re: Reading out loud

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um… i do it out loud sometimes. when that happens then i’d likely start talking to myself about the vis- u -ally, and how it must be an alleyway and not allied, cos of how it’s spelled, and then i get a headache….

just like i did yesterday when i was thinking about how quay is said key, and how you get a qua sounding noise replaced with a keh one for not much reason or sense, and how spellings are generally stupid cos taught, fought,. torte, haut, sort and whoknows how many other spellings all sound the same. and how irritating it is that you can get a silent k in knife, silent g in gnome, a silent h in ghost, and so on, but you can never get a silent p in public bathrooms, no matter how much paper you put in the bowl or what funny angle you sit down at.