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Re: Reading out loud

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njadd here are answers to your questions

1- space out, I tend to start to daydream, or I do get distracted by an item or a character not important to the story. It could be something small as the walls in a story.

2-I am dyslexic, which I often forget.

3-No, my brother actually came into my room to listen to me read. I am just really slow when I read a loud. At school many of my classmates didn’t like for me to read. I practiced a lot, almost memorizing what I needed for class. I discovered if I read in class, then I was more aware and focus on what I was doing in class. I don’t have to worry about school anymore :(. Gosh do I miss school, and I knew I would too.

My high school teacher suggested this, because I liked to read. Was able to understand the story, got a higher letter grade at the end of the quoter. It just made me aware of how I read. If that makes sense.