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Re: recently (and unexpectedly) diagnosed- and still floundering

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so…… the jen update:

the 80mg dose of strattera turned me into ‘little miss argh!’ (i’d be constantly yelling at poor bf and desperately trying not to throw hair straighteners and glasses of juice and computer mouses (mice?) out of the window because i was so easily irritated by practically everything that got within 20 feet of me) …. which i stuck through for 3 weeks, but it got really beyond stupid after a bit, so i called the doctors receptionist -he was away on a conference, but she was very nice- and we decided that i should knock it back down to 60mg, cos after a few weeks of my using superhuman powers of restraint and the bf keeping his head down so much that he looked like he’d been decapitated, i was close to losing my last few remaining marbles completely, and she wasn’t so keen on my having a meltdown and her having to tell the doctor that’d happened when he got back. :D

so that was fun…. i shoulda taken up the shotput or something and made the most of it…

i finally saw him again a few days ago- after a few weeks back on the 60mg, and we decided to ditch the wellbrutin from my little collection of pills, in exchange for concerta, cos i didn’t really wanna be on 4 psych pills and an antihistamine cos i’d probably start to rattle, and cos wellbrutin makes my face perspire insanely the minute i do any kind of exercise, which isn’t exactly ideal. seriously, it’s like switching on a tap- and that drysol stuff you can buy for excessive persipration…. it’s tricky to use when you can’t stop sweating, cos it’ll burn your face if it’s remotely damp when applied. trust me, been there, tried it, didn’t sleep for 2 nights and looked unfortunately like a hyperactive drippy lobster with poorly applied foundation sliding off her peeling visage for quite a while. :(

so anyway… i went cold off the wellbrutin for two days, which was odd- i was very tearful for the first night, and the second day was ADHD hell. the dreadful song from the radio alarm clock got stuck in my head, so as i got into the shower that morning i tried singing another song….. which left me with 2 rather different songs going around in there… not the desired outcome. so i tried again. by the time i got out of the shower (after forgetting to wash my face not once but twice, nearly knocking myself out, and trying to put soap in my hair) i had 5 different songs simultaneously bouncing off the walls of my brain, had been hypnotised beyond reason by the white bubbles on a purple translucent bar of soap and spent some time sniffing it (supposed to be wildberries and lavendar- smells like marzipan- as does my giant box of sewing safety pins for some bizzare reason, but anyway thats not 100% relevant so yeah- omit that from memory peeps) and i’d come up with some profound discovery about why people always leave an inch of shampoo in the old bottle on the shelf and start using the new one straight away (something to do with being hardwired for curiousity and the desire to aquire and accumulate things, and the urge for new experiences- as a survival instinct to aid in our development and evolution… or some crap like that)…and it went pretty much downhill from there, but at least no cats barfed or pooped on me (yay!), and i did get a free virgin frozen strawberry daiquari later on, so friday wasn’t a dead loss.

i took my first generic concerta yesterday morning…. and yawned my head off all day, and was way hungrier than i prefer. stupid ADHD brain. buuuuut….. i did get rather a lot of stuff done, feel like everything was way less urgent, and i was much less of a pissy madam, apparently (the bf didn’t use those exact words, bless him, but thats what he was getting at- you could tell by the frightened look in his eyes as he searched for diplomatic words and a tactful way to say that i seemed much more civilised and pleasant, and that he was quite appreciating how my usual nagging and demanding impulse control failure had been replaced with an odd level of affection, explicit declarations of complete trust in his decision making skills, and compliments all around). hahaha poor boyfriend.

i did get squirmy and rambly and a bit demanding, and keep wanting to stand up and fiddle with stuff about 8 hours or so after taking the pills (mind you, sitting in a restaurant booth is boring, and i did have a bunch of sugar in me!), but other than that, and the yawning, yesterday was suprisingly pleasant. i even managed to not wave my arms about excessively, and to speak at a slow enough pace so that many other humans could understand me, and seemed to enjoy our interactions! yay! *does happy dance*

i’m not sure if it being a generic makes a big difference or not- i’ve read conflicting veiwpoints- but i’ll see if i can get a different brand when it’s refilled in 2 weeks, anyway (i’m curious to see if things’d be different on a different generic, or on actual concerta).

and we’ll see how today goes, i spose! :D