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… I don’t know much about Alderol – haven’t tried it. The fact that Ritalin hasn’t been “studied” for use on adults doesn’t mean much – until very recently, many or most “professionals” sincerely believed that ADD just “went away” when the patients grew up.

Ritalin may not be heavily studied for use in adults, but it has been studied generally, in terms of safety, etc. I for one would encourage you to try it. I’m on a low dose, I switched over from Concerta (for $ reasons, but I actually prefer the Ritalin). I’m on a low dose, and I feel like “myself” on it, except that I can actually keep track of some things, and remember some things, and get some things done.

Let us know how it goes, eh? And if you decide to try the meds, give them a chance. I felt really hyper at first, and for a few days was even *more* talkative (yikes!!), but now I feel fine on them.