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    Hi there. I got diagnosed last Friday with ADHD (Inattentive) and the psychiatrist has written a letter to my family Dr. to prescribe a low dose of Ritalin (the instant kind, not the SR) to begin with to see how I react to it. Has anyone else been on Ritalin and if so, what have your experiences been? I have read that its effectiveness in treating ADD has not been studied in adults so I’m wondering why it was prescribed? Is Adderall better?

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    I was on Ritalin for nearly all of my childhood, although only a part of my adult life. (trying to find a good shrink to start again to help with university)

    I’d offer the advice to make sure they fill the prescription for ‘Ritalin’ and not generic ‘Methylphenidate’ I personally found that the generic tablets where not nearly as effective as the brand name Ritalin (no idea why).

    Other then that.. make sure you do something to remember all your daily doses!

    Assuming you’re taking a dose in the morning then another around midday, it really makes your day messy if you forget one of the doses and you lose the focus.

    Most of my experience is being on a SR stimulant in the day then using Ritalin to ‘come down’ at night. I’m certain what the regiment is like for taking non SR Ritalin, but watch how you feel as you come off from the peak of your dose.

    I had a lot of issues with coming off at the end of the day and needed to take a smaller dose at the end of the day to ease my body back off for the night.

    It’s definitely worth writing everything down so your doc can bring the dosage into fine focus.

    good luck!

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    While using Ritalin, I would take it in the morning and again after lunch. That basically was my routine. I wouldn’t take anything in the evening even though sometimes I needed to stay focused. I was thinking I wouldn’t be able to sleep and not taking an additional dose would allow anything in my system to “wash out”.

    I also found it was important to continue use even during weekends. Otherwise, I couldn’t get anything done on my own time. Just sort of “veg-out” and feel real bad about not accomplishing anything that I had planned to do.

    The other thing I found was the “ramp-up, ramp-down” effect of rapid release Ritalin. Interesting to observe, though, kinda like a turbocharger kicking in…..then shutting down. I would time the dose about 30-45 minutes before I strated work.

    My doc has me on Concerta XR and that has keeped me better stabilized throughout the day. It ramps-up and -down gradually.

    About the generics that Belien alluded to I have the same opinion. I’ve noticed the generic of anything I’m using seems to be less effective than the original. I noticed this with the Effexor I was on; when I was switched to the generic version, they weren’t as good for me.

    Perhaps Dr. J has an opinion about this. When I mentioned this to my Pharmacist, he said there is no difference in the formula, and that in some cases, they are all compounded at the same time. He further said that even though the formula is identical, the generics aren’t as extensivly tested to prove the same level of efficacy as the original.

    But then, maybe it’s all in our head and a psychological thing?

    Hope this helps….

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    Thanks for your input Belien and ADDled. I had mentioned the Adderall and others “timed release to the psych but he said that he wanted to first see what dose I required before putting me on anything else. I’ll be sure to ask for the brand name meds rather than generic because this isnt the first time I’ve heard people comment on that.

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    it is hard to know what the issues are between generic and trade but it could be the fillers. i had one patient that was sensitive to the filler because it was lactose based. Everything we tried seemed to cause bloating. Our Drug Information Service, here at CAMH, came up with that clue.

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    Not totally sure, for me it was a double blind discovery. I was getting comments on how spaced out and impulsive I was, when I had been fine. The dosage timing and strength was still the same.

    On checking I found out about the brand and non brand, in this case when told to fill a prescription for ‘Ritalin’ the pharmacist had filled it with non brand.

    A second time same thing happened but I knew as soon as I took the first pill that it did ‘not feel right’ – It feels more agitated and less focused – I checked the pills and they were the non brand.

    I know that C14H19NO2 is C14H19NO2 is C14H19NO2 …. Buttttttt I do find a very noticeable difference.

    On a side note, how sad. I just used ‘Bing’ (the search engine) to look up the chemical formula for Ritalin and the second search result for ‘Ritalin’ is a ADD denial site. *sigh*

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    … I don’t know much about Alderol – haven’t tried it. The fact that Ritalin hasn’t been “studied” for use on adults doesn’t mean much – until very recently, many or most “professionals” sincerely believed that ADD just “went away” when the patients grew up.

    Ritalin may not be heavily studied for use in adults, but it has been studied generally, in terms of safety, etc. I for one would encourage you to try it. I’m on a low dose, I switched over from Concerta (for $ reasons, but I actually prefer the Ritalin). I’m on a low dose, and I feel like “myself” on it, except that I can actually keep track of some things, and remember some things, and get some things done.

    Let us know how it goes, eh? And if you decide to try the meds, give them a chance. I felt really hyper at first, and for a few days was even *more* talkative (yikes!!), but now I feel fine on them.

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    Ok, so I took my first dose of Ritalin (or the generic type I guess) at 5mg and nothing happened. I was actually nervous taking it because I wasn’t sure what to expect. I don’t feel any different. The pharmacist was curious as to why I was prescribed such a low dose when she sees prescriptions for kids at 10-40mg. One can only surmise, as I have eluded to earlier, that my psych is testing the waters so to speak. The pharmacist did mention that it wasn’t “a quick fix”, and that the effects would take time on the drug to show.

    I’m curious. Has anyone else started on a very low dose as well and if so, what was your experience? I guess I was kind of expecting a little more in terms of Wow! factor, but again, maybe it takes time..?

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    I think ‘WOW’ would be what you experience if your not ADHD… *wink*

    in my own experience when trying a new therapy, it takes time to get used to the effects, it can also take time to usefully realise the effects. I’d supose this would be especially true if your looking for a big POW-INCREDIBLEPOWERSOFCONCETRATION

    as you said,they may have started you on a low dose to test for side effects, reactions and who knows what else (I supose one of the resident Dr. folk would have more info on that) all else failing, I would ask your doc whats what and try to keep as much knowledge in your own hands – not so that you can modify your treatment yourself (no need to stat how that’s a bad thing) but so that you are aware of what works, what does not and what is being done.

    when they start me on a new antidepressant or other medication they always start with a baby sized dose, just to look for interactions and other undesirable effects.

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    Hey there ADDied – love to hear more from you – [email protected]

    You’re not alone. Lots of people have put up with a whole lot of crap for a long, long time for reasons they had no control over.

    Love to talk to you. No expectation of ANY commercial transactions!

    Try the website for new info that might fill in some blanks!



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    The other thing I’ve JUST started feeling is a sense of anger and sadness. As I type this, I’m in a state of real anger and irritability. Then I’ll feel very sad. I’m restless as well. I took my prescribed dose this morning (5mg) and just took another 5mg at 8:10pm. I’m going to try to see if the drug levels me out (if indeed this is a side effect) or if it exascerbates the situation. All I know is, I don’t like feeling like this at all.

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    Hello all

    Well Here I sit with my Bottle of Ritalin, Bishop I am 38 years old Single Father. I’ve been On Ritalin for about 2 years my therapist told me I might be on it for life. But that’s not Why I am writing I want you to know I am prescribed 20mg twice a day and 10mg at about 4:30 in the afternoon. These are my thoughts about Ritalin it has helped me as Hammer Helps a Nail, I’m really finding my life better year after year. I love this site it another tool I read so many topics that I have encountered over the years so much reflecting has really helped keep me on pace.

    I feel this tool Ritalin along with other tools like this site is just as useful and helpful. I am a Fleet Manger for a Ford Store in Alberta. Last year in November 09 I was told by my upper management how they have seen such a strong Improvement in my Work ethic. It helps keep organized. You mentioned Depression not sure about that part of it but to me your does is to low. I also was in counseling for two years as well and was prescribed it do to my ADHD

    I know when I don’t use it, I feel it And it can show up in my day if I am not taking it properly. But I can tell you this. It to me has changed me in a lot of way. Funny I use to laugh at Kids Taking Ritalin Now I wish I was Diagnosed a lot younger. Hope this helps

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    I started on a very low dose of Ritalin when I first got the diagnosis. It was subtle, cause unlike stuff like Valium or whatever, it doesn’t dull the senses, it actually just sharpened them. I always say it was like the best cup of coffee ever. Without the tremor from the caffeine! Ha ha!

    I kept waiting for my creativity to drop, (A big fear for a writer) but it never did. Or not that anyone around me noticed. I did however get more done.

    What was cool, was that my Doctor said right at the start that I would be more productive, but that he wasn’t interested in simply making me an even more productive and busy worker bee. He wanted me to use the medication to be productive with my time at work so I would actually have more time with my kids, and friends and so on.

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    Interesting. Thanks guys. I’m going to go see my Dr next week (with my significant other as well – I’m guessing he wants to ask her what she’s observed) so I’m going to ask him about alternatives or a different dose. I have started the 5mg twice a day now and I have noticed that t curbs the irritability but I’m SO tired all the time! I drink WAY more coffee now too. I never used to drink coffee but now I’m loving it! Oh, and I eat more as well. Weird. I havent noticed any loss of creativity (I play the drums), but have noticed…um…more of an …acceptance of things perhaps? Less dramatic maybe? I dunnow. Jury’s still out. Maybe it’s the therapy I’m going to as well….

    BTW Rick, I remember watching you on TVO back when I was a rash-kneed rapscallion. You did a sci-fi show I think it was…? Anyway, great to have everyone’s support here. I don’t know what I’d do without it! It’s so nice to be able to come here to bounce ideas and advice around. Love it. Thanks again guys.

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    I’m not a doctor, but I know sometimes a ‘symptom’ can actually just be a kind of secondary result. So, for example, you may take a medication and find you are more social. But the medication didn’t make you m ore social or boost your confidence.

    What is actually happening is that your brain doesn’t filter sound as well. It can’t focus on one voice in a crowded room. And you may not have noticed, you just assume everyone has trouble in a noisy room. (And they do if it’s too noisy, but you have a lower threshold.) With the medication, suddenly your brain is better at filtering sound, so you don’t find being in noisy restaurants quite so stressful, you can follow conversations more easily, and so you have a better time, and you’re smiling so people are smiling back…

    What I’m getting at is that some symptoms or what seem like side effects may be one or two steps removed from what’s actually happening.

    But the change, ‘better at filtering sound’ is not at all an obvious one, right? It’s complex and subtle. You’re so busy following the interesting conversation, you don’t notice the difference.

    One of the Doctors we interviewed told the joke about the patient who took their ADHD medication and reported, “Doc, it didn’t do a thing for me, but it sure made everyone else less of an a**hole.

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