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I think ‘WOW’ would be what you experience if your not ADHD… *wink*

in my own experience when trying a new therapy, it takes time to get used to the effects, it can also take time to usefully realise the effects. I’d supose this would be especially true if your looking for a big POW-INCREDIBLEPOWERSOFCONCETRATION

as you said,they may have started you on a low dose to test for side effects, reactions and who knows what else (I supose one of the resident Dr. folk would have more info on that) all else failing, I would ask your doc whats what and try to keep as much knowledge in your own hands – not so that you can modify your treatment yourself (no need to stat how that’s a bad thing) but so that you are aware of what works, what does not and what is being done.

when they start me on a new antidepressant or other medication they always start with a baby sized dose, just to look for interactions and other undesirable effects.