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Hello all

Well Here I sit with my Bottle of Ritalin, Bishop I am 38 years old Single Father. I’ve been On Ritalin for about 2 years my therapist told me I might be on it for life. But that’s not Why I am writing I want you to know I am prescribed 20mg twice a day and 10mg at about 4:30 in the afternoon. These are my thoughts about Ritalin it has helped me as Hammer Helps a Nail, I’m really finding my life better year after year. I love this site it another tool I read so many topics that I have encountered over the years so much reflecting has really helped keep me on pace.

I feel this tool Ritalin along with other tools like this site is just as useful and helpful. I am a Fleet Manger for a Ford Store in Alberta. Last year in November 09 I was told by my upper management how they have seen such a strong Improvement in my Work ethic. It helps keep organized. You mentioned Depression not sure about that part of it but to me your does is to low. I also was in counseling for two years as well and was prescribed it do to my ADHD

I know when I don’t use it, I feel it And it can show up in my day if I am not taking it properly. But I can tell you this. It to me has changed me in a lot of way. Funny I use to laugh at Kids Taking Ritalin Now I wish I was Diagnosed a lot younger. Hope this helps