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Interesting. Thanks guys. I’m going to go see my Dr next week (with my significant other as well – I’m guessing he wants to ask her what she’s observed) so I’m going to ask him about alternatives or a different dose. I have started the 5mg twice a day now and I have noticed that t curbs the irritability but I’m SO tired all the time! I drink WAY more coffee now too. I never used to drink coffee but now I’m loving it! Oh, and I eat more as well. Weird. I havent noticed any loss of creativity (I play the drums), but have noticed…um…more of an …acceptance of things perhaps? Less dramatic maybe? I dunnow. Jury’s still out. Maybe it’s the therapy I’m going to as well….

BTW Rick, I remember watching you on TVO back when I was a rash-kneed rapscallion. You did a sci-fi show I think it was…? Anyway, great to have everyone’s support here. I don’t know what I’d do without it! It’s so nice to be able to come here to bounce ideas and advice around. Love it. Thanks again guys.